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Respecting Tradition, Welcoming Progress Arlington, Virginia

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Current and recent projects include:

  • Old Glebe Walkabout: The Old Glebe Walkabout features a tour of the Civil War exhibits at Fort Ethan Allen. Part of Arlington's celebration of the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, the Fort Ethan Allen interpretive installation opened in 2014. Be sure to download the map and take a lovely walk with your family or friends.

  • History Project: Many members of our association are interested in and have collected data about the history of the Old Glebe Community and Arlington County as a whole. This link provides information about the discovery of a cache of Civil War artifacts during the construction of the dog park at Ft. Ethan Allen as well as historical maps of our area dating from 1865.

  • Our neighborhood sign project where the community voted on the design and placement of three new signs at key entrances of our neighborhood.

  • Conservation plan, which includes information about conserving resources in our community.

  • Neighborhood survey, which was used to create our conservation plan and is interesting to see what people felt was most important in our community.


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